Dryad, a tree nymph in Greek Mythology

Following up up on my Greek Mythology series, after Cupid and Demeter, this is a Dryad, a nymph of the trees.

A Dryad is not just one specific entity, it’s a kind of nymph, along with so many others. So maybe, I’ll still draw other Dryads in the future, to add to the collection, since Nature is one of my main inspirations anyway 🙂 But in the meantime, there are so many other characters in Greek Mythology that I’ll probably do something else before I get to this kind of nymph again! So many interesting gods and goddesses to pick from, and heroes and other mythical beings to illustrate, it feels like an endless source of material to depict!

Dryad was done in Photoshop, with the first sketch done on paper, and subsequent changes all done digitally.

Digital illustration of a Dryad, nymph of the trees in Greek Mythology

Dryad, the final illustration.

Rough drawing of a Dryad, nymph of the trees in Greek Mythology

Dryad, the final rough.

Sketches for a watercolor painting

The These are the first few sketches I did for my watercolor, A Burnt Tree. Col Erase pencil on paper.

Estes são os primeiros rascunhos que eu fiz para a minha mais recente aquarela, Uma Árvore Queimada.Lápis Col Erase sobre papel.

Sketches for a watercolor of a burnt tree.


And this is the final sketch, more detailed than the previous ones. Col erase and digital painting.

E este é o último rascunho, mais detalhado do que os anteriores.Col Erase e pintura digital.

Final sketch for a watercolor of a burnt tree.