Yokai Poster – Mujina

Continuing with my series of Japanese Yokai Posters, this is Mujina. The first poster inspired by Japanese culture, pop art and packaging art was for Kitsune, and the second was for Fūri.

Poster with an illustration of a Mujina.

I’ve found inspiration to design this poster, the third on a series, on Japanese Pop Art, Japanese packaging design and Japan’s folklore. Click on the attached file to see the original format 😉

むじな or Mujina, is a Yokai represented by the Japanese Badger. In Japan’s folklore, along with the fox and the raccoon dog, badgers are frequently depicted as Yokai that shapeshifter and deceive humans. As folk tales go, Mujinas frequently appear on unfrequented and remote roads at night and sing “Drink water, drink tea”.

妖怪 or Yōkai are supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore.

This artwork was created with Photoshop and Illustrator (which I used to draw the sunburst in the background). Below is the final rough, after many iterations, for this design.

For now, this is the last poster on the series, maybe I’ll do more in the near future. Thank you for stopping by 🙂