A girl with her pet cat-lope

The first of a series of watercolor and ink illustrations featuring different girls hanging out with their magical pets. In this case, a Cat-Lope, like in a Jackalope, which is a creature some people believe exists, based on a hoax, a mix of a jack rabbit and an antelope. The Cat-Lope is legit, tho 😉

Illustration of a girl with her magical pet, a cat-lope

At first this was an illustration for Inktober 2018, but I liked the idea of making a series of different girls, with very different magical creatures as their pets, and having the constrain of using only “grayscale” to render them. So, I’ll be using only black, white and different shades of gray, and thanks to Payne’s Gray watercolor blue undertones, a blue tint in some details.

For this piece, as for the others on this series, I did the rough drawing on Photoshop, and the final art on paper.

picture of a watercolor painting of a girl and her magical pet

The final illustration was done with ink on paper, and the list of materials is as follows:

  • Strathmore Cold Press Watercolor Paper 140 lb.
  • Dr. Ph. Martin’s Black Star Matte Ink
  • Kuretake brush
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor in Payne’s Gray and Lamp Black
  • Col Erase light blue pencil
  • Prismacolor black pencil

Bellow is the final digital sketch, which I printed and used to trace on watercolor paper, to finally ink and paint it.

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