Yokai Poster – Fūri

Continuing with my series of Japanese Yokai Posters, this is Fūri. The first poster inspired by Japanese culture, pop art and packaging art was for Kitsune.

Poster with an illustration of a Furi.

妖怪 or Yokai are supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore.

風狸 or Fūri, is a Yokai of China and Japan. Some sources says it’s some kind of monkey, but I also found it depicted as some squirrel looking creature or a raccoon dog, among other things, so, I did something of my own on this one. One thing that was constant on my research is that it has a leopard pattern on its blue fur, it glides around like a bird, and it has red eyes. They move as quickly as the wind, and can cross the distance between two mountains on a single leap. 

This artwork was created with Photoshop and Illustrator (which I used to draw the sunburst in the background). Below is the final rough, after many iterations, for this design.

rough drawing of a Furi with a sunburst background.

The next Yokai creature on this series is going to be the Mujina, so check my updates if you’d like to see it. Thank you for stopping by!