Yokai Poster – Kitsune

So, I decided to design some posters, because it’s something I feel is missing on my portfolio, and the theme I picked to start with is Japanese Yokai Posters. I really like Japanese art in general, and, in this case, I’ve found inspiration on Japanese Pop Art and Japan’s folklore.

妖怪 or Yokai are supernatural monsters, spirits and demons in Japanese folklore.

狐, キツネ or Kitsune, is the Japanese word for fox. probably the most well known Yokai outside Japan. According to that country’s traditional legends, the more tails a fox has, and they can have as many as nine tails, the more powerful it is. These nine tailed foxes acquire the ability to hear and see everything happening in the world, at all times, ant they’re also credited with infinite wisdom. The pearls on each of the Kitsune’s tails are called Hoshi no tama, and according to tradition, they represent the Kitsune’s soul.

This artwork was created with Photoshop and Illustrator (which I used to draw the sunburst in the background). Below is the final rough, after many iterations, for this design.

The next Yokai creature on this series is going to be the Furi, so check my updates if you’d like to see it. Thank you for stopping by!

Dryad, a tree nymph in Greek Mythology

Following up up on my Greek Mythology series, after Cupid and Demeter, this is a Dryad, a nymph of the trees.

A Dryad is not just one specific entity, it’s a kind of nymph, along with so many others. So maybe, I’ll still draw other Dryads in the future, to add to the collection, since Nature is one of my main inspirations anyway 🙂 But in the meantime, there are so many other characters in Greek Mythology that I’ll probably do something else before I get to this kind of nymph again! So many interesting gods and goddesses to pick from, and heroes and other mythical beings to illustrate, it feels like an endless source of material to depict!

Dryad was done in Photoshop, with the first sketch done on paper, and subsequent changes all done digitally.

Digital illustration of a Dryad, nymph of the trees in Greek Mythology

Dryad, the final illustration.

Rough drawing of a Dryad, nymph of the trees in Greek Mythology

Dryad, the final rough.


This is Cupid, she is a black girl, she is badass, and her motto is “make love, not war.”

So, this illustration had been in the making for a long time, but I had many changes of heart regarding her design, and it ended up taking me way longer than I expected to finish it. For the sake of comparison, scroll down to see the old version of it, which I wasn’t really happy about.

Cupid was done in Photoshop CC 2017, and the first rough was done on paper, but subsequent changes were all done digitally.

Illustration of Cupid as a black girl

Rough drawing of Cupid as a black girl

Before some major tweaks, this is what Cupid looked like:

Cupid work in progress

And this is the first rough I did:

Cupid as a black girl first rough

Thanks for stopping by and checking my artwork 🙂

Cheers till next time!