about me

profile pictureStoryboard Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Animation Assistant and newbie Web Developer, based in Los Angeles, CA.

As a Storyboard Artist, I worked for projects such as the Fishtronaut TV series, the pilot for the TV show Trupz, and the feature film Zombie Rock (still in production), and ads for private insurance  and medical companies.

I created artwork as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer for clients such as the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Hasbro, Jolitex, The Midnight Mission, Hoola Napua, In Education, and did illustrations for book covers and branding.

As an Animation Assistant Supervisor, I did many TV commercials, for clients such as Disney, Kellogg’s, Gatorade, Monster High and Raid, for the American, European and Brazilian markets.

As an Animation Assistant, I’ve worked for feature films such as the Academy Awards nominee Chico & Rita, the Academy Awards nominee The Secret of Kells, Asterix and the Vikings, The Little Hippo, The Happy Cricket, short movies, etc.

Currently, I’m coding my own site, which will be a gallery of my work, while this blog will continue to be a more in-depth showcase of works in progress.

For more information or quotations, please contact me.